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A phrase used by someone who posts on a forum or when in discussion when they make an opinionated claim with no real proof. Rather they are speaking from emotion and how they "think" something is or should be.

Then when someone corrects them of their mistakes, they own up to their failure, in turn making them a reasonable individual.

Ignorance is not a problem, its when you are shown the facts and still believe otherwise. That is the true crime.
Topic and Original Poster: "Guns should be banned forever, Britain did it and look how well they are doing!"

Reasonable Individual: "Gun crime doubled in Britain after they banned firearms. this includes armed robbery, burglary, sexual assault and other acts of violence.

why would a CRIMINAL care about a gun ban?

all they succeeded in doing is disarm rightful citizens from protecting themselves from being hurt.

Is a rapist going to attack you if hes staring down the barrel of a revolver?

Now, how likely do you think a rapist is going to commit a crime now that he knows you cannot legally own a firearm. and if you do shoot him...now your the criminal and hes the victim... well played.

Original Poster: "Disregard that, I suck cocks. I see your point."
by Nazi Liberal November 17, 2009
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