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A very ignorant, arrogant, retarded, and racist african american. Or should I say black, which comment isn't racist Kanye? He does not have incredible flow, but has made some above average beats.
Kanye West says: On hurricane Katrina, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." (Ignorant/Retarded/Racist) "They've given them permission to go down (to New Orleans) and shoot us (black people)." (Ignorant/Retarded/Racist)
by Nayr February 02, 2006
Weymouth (Weymo,Weytown, Weydub) is a crummy town separated into 3 main parts:

South Weymouth (S-Dub): Preppy captital of WeyTown, probably the least boring palce, but still boring. East Weymouth usually hates south weymouth for it's popped colalrs. Preppy and Happening.

North Weymouth (N-Dub):basically a Braintree in a nut-shell (aka a highway). Braintree is rumored to be developing a shpere of influence to slowly suck N-Dub into its scary, cold, concrete domain. Weird and Stupid

East Weymouth (E-dub): Often thought of as the "cool part", E-dub includes Town Hall, the original high school (now owned by Sdub), and the projects. Centered around Jackson Square, Edub is the almost as stuck up as Sdub but definitly has had more real-ife un sheltered experiences than them. Outspoken and Cool.

West Weymouth? (DubDub?): There is no West-Dub. It was taken over by braintree after it lost quincy. Sick bastards.
South Weymouth is often hated by East Weymouth
by Nayr March 15, 2006
Accent primarily used in Eastern Massachusetts. Replace the er with ah and only pronounce r's when u have no choice (like if ur risking sounding like a tard:Gwetchen, Fwee, worek...but even that can be worked into the accent if u try hard enough). Girls think its sexy.
Example of a boston accent:
Why didja go to da gahdens wit Mahcia? Me n' Mahk whento da movies in Hahvahd ta watch the Sax game wit Stacy n' Cahly.

Sean (assume their name is either Sean, Pat, Ryan, or Bobby), why did you go to Boston Gardens with Marcia? Marcus and I travelled to the theater in Cambridge to watch a Red Sox baseball game with Stacy and Carly.
by Nayr June 07, 2006
One of the major political parties in the US that beleives:

1) Capital Punishment should be enforced. sorry liberals, but a child molester and serial killer aren't going to'change'. and no, they wont feel'guilty' in prison so no thats not more 'painful' than killing them. they understand what they did. they enjoyed it. they should die.

2)They are pro-life. You can crack an eagle's egg in a national park and be sentenced to years in prison but you can kill more than 2.5 million babies a year in this country alone and be fine with that. and as for rape, its a little something called 'the day after pill' which most all conservatives support.

3)lowering taxes. this nifty thing called reaganomics says that astonishingly, if u LOWER gasp taxes, people will have more money and in turn have more money to 1]invest 2]spend and 3] put into their piggy banks. thus making the economy grow faster than by raising taxes

4) beleive that teachers in their little stupid unions make more money than most deserve and we should cut spending in unproductive schools/ hire new, better,certified teachers.

5) illegal immigrants should be sent back where they came ASAP

6) Gay marriage is an oxymoron. It's been this way for THOUSANDS of years. if u love eachother so much that should be enough for u. u dont need to 'prove' ur love thru marriage. get over it its all for the pre-nups.

7) Intelligent Design should be taught in schools along with Evolutionism. Want one good reason why? You've seen that little diagram of monkeys forming into humans/ little horses beocoming big horses right? Would u beleive that duhduhduh fossil records show that there is nothing like that ever in the hsitory of the world. In most cases, it looks as if organisms just suddenly appear and then sometime disappear altogether...like a mass flood or something...hmmm...

8) Welfare should be limited and cut off after a certain time. get off your lazy poor ass and work. I'm not discriminating u poor people. all im saying is that welfare is the door to unemployment.
Republicans aren't mean, they're realistic.
by nayr September 20, 2006

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