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When you lay a piece of poop horizontally over a girl's belly button and shoot semen through or on top of the piece of poop.
Man,I gave that bitch a scumshot last night.
by Nay Nay September 15, 2006
When two black people rub their taints together causing extreme friction and possibly a brush fire.
I hate it when those nigs start to yiggle because they almost burnt my house down.
by Nay Nay October 02, 2006
A sexual act when as the male is ejaculating, he makes an extremely swift left to right movement(or right to left) across the female's mouth, creating a line of semen from cheek to cheek. Similar to the joker's wounds.
I've had sex with many animals, and one time I gave a girl a joker across her butt hole.
by Nay Nay August 17, 2008
The act of inserting ones testicles into a female's or a male's anus then yanking them out causing a loud popping sound.
Aye, last week I seen my nigga Tay givin' dat bitch a skraight up Boy Howdy.
by Nay Nay August 17, 2008
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