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North Side hood of Dallas, TX kno wut im talkin bout. but people round hea prounce it as da Nawf. Mostly deep at Lakehighlands & Berkner Area. Nawf Dallas streets are mainly Skillman, Forest, Audelia, Kingsley, etc...We got ppl from dat HP (Hamilton Park) Nawf Gate Da Tat

Home of NSG (Nawfside Goons) & most from the nawf rep it as NDT (Nawf Dallas TX). Like Oakcliff got Rudy's we got Big Momma's. Mostly Bloodz...ALREADY BRO!! We 2 Deep round hea.


man fuck wut cha hurd bro im from nawf dallas tx NDT nigga no wut im talkin bout we too deep round hea already bro!
by Nawf Dallas Chick March 23, 2007
1. Nawf Dallas Texas
nigga fuck wut cha hurd bro we NDT round dis bitch!!
by Nawf Dallas Chick March 23, 2007

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