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Based off the popular term "Nigga Stole My Bike" Used as icons and sometimes a popular slang term for nerds when something is stolen from them.

The Real Meaning:

A YTMND fad that does NOT come from "Hate It or Love It", but really from the classic NES game "Punch Out" (might be called Mike Tyson's Punch Out).

Nigga stole my bike features an animated character, who's name is Nigga. As seen in many YTMND sites, Nigga is caught stealing more than bikes.
Nerd's hat is taken from him by a jock "Nigga stole my yoshi!"

There is many icons on the internet of this as well.
#nigga #stole #my #yoshi #mario #nerd #stolen
by NavaDarkus January 11, 2010
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