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a platonic friend, or a friend of a friend, who accompanies you to a party, function or event in the place of a boyfriend/girlfriend or real date.
Sue: "So who are you taking to the work Christmas party?"
Jane: "Heather offered to let me have her brother as a stunt date"

by NautiGirl February 12, 2008
someone who you hang out with, and have sex with, but don't "date", and are not committed to.

A friend with benefits.
"I'm not with Woody. He's just my non-boyfriend"

"I ran into my ex-non-boyfriend's ex-grilfriend last night. She's a lot of fun"
by Nautigirl May 05, 2007
Attention Deficit Dater:

noun: a condition in which someone has a very short attention span and bores easily when it comes to dating, and moves on to the next person after only a few dates. They repeat this pattern, quickly moving on to dating someone else, and yet again, becoming bored.
Guy: "I'm not sure what happened to Sandra. We went out for three dates, and everything was great, and I haven't heard from her. I saw her last night with Jim."

Girl:"Don't sweat it. The girl's got ADD."
by Nautigirl May 05, 2007
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