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3 definitions by Naughtybrethrin

Anal rape administered on someone with ferocity and lack of lube in order to cause damage.
The binmen gave mike a bully ramming yesterday.

Steve dropped the rubber duck in the showers and got bully rammed by another inmate
by Naughtybrethrin July 12, 2008
4 3
A plural of bummer meaning homosexuals. Due to their love of anal sex.
Apparently all the people that drink in that bar are a bunch of bummers

I found a couple of bummers fucking in the attic
by Naughtybrethrin June 26, 2008
24 27
A condom, rubber johnny, profalactic
I need a dunkie to fuck my girlfriends wet cunt

MY dad took my dunkies off me for shagging the dog
by naughtybrethrin July 10, 2008
2 9