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A wonderful drug that makes an erection like pushing a wet piece of rope across your bedroom floor. It can also lead to a male trying to fake an orgasm.
Stan: "megan doesn't understand how I can fuck 8 times in one night. It's because I never came the first time"
by naturalbornhater August 20, 2005
The lower eastern part of the United States. A place rich in industry, agriculture and known world wide for medical and biomedical science which will come in handy when all of you fucks,who think (we are all rednecks) contract AIDS. Better start quilting, bitches!!
Fuck with the best, die like the rest.
by naturalbornhater August 20, 2005
Occurs when a woman gives a man a hearty case of blue balls which forces him to resort to masterbating on her back while she is asleep.
Jane: "not tonight honey, I am really tired"
Jack: "it's okay dear, I understand" wink wink......
by naturalbornhater August 20, 2005
Some thing you create when you need a raise and you are on wellfare!!
Damn dog, baby's mama say she want a new car. It's cool baby boy, all you gotta do is have more kids and then you can cop you a whip.
by Naturalbornhater July 23, 2005
when you get a case of blue balls and end up walking home at 3a.m.
So, how was you date with Sarah lastnight? Well, let's just say it was a long walk home. Damn, you bought that bitch flowers and everything!!
by Naturalbornhater July 23, 2005
G-unit is an untalented group of guys who produce gangsta rap for white people.
FFFFuck G-unit!! There, I said it!
by naturalbornhater August 22, 2005
Someone who exhibits no personality or reason for living other than cooking and cuddling.
My girlfriend is such a fuking pet rock!
by Naturalbornhater July 23, 2005
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