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A name for a person who bursts into your conversations with really hot women. He first punches you extremely hard in the shoulder, trying to seem tough, and then expects you to introduce him to the fine lady your trying to bang. Then he says something to make him seem like hes interested in animals such as "hows your dog? did he recover from his broke paw i wrapped up?" Then the lady realizes how big of a douche chodely is and walks away.
You "So are you doing anything tonight?"

Lady "Um, no i guess i could use some company"

*Chodely punches you*

Chodely "Hey hows your pet turtle? Is he alright after we glued his shell back together?"

Lady "Bye."

Chodely "She was sweet, can i have her number?"

You "Shut up Chodely."
by Natty please? December 07, 2010

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