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Africas largest country, a civil war for 22 years, peace came in 2005 for 22 days until rebel leader John Garang (R.I.P) from southern Sudan died in a plane crash (some say he was murderd). Sudan is rich with petrol and uranium but the goverment takes all that money letting the public poor, im from Sudan im 17 years old i was born n lived all my life in London like my whole family, but i go to Sudan every year because its my mother land roots. It has great marijuana and wild life (trust me), but dont bother going as a forigner (especially now) because war and all the trouble. Still a beautifull country the heart of Africa. 1
Sudan is the heart of Africa

Sudanese people are known for their hospitality and marijuana!!

by Natty Dread March 18, 2006
Jamaican word for mongrel
Sorry fi maga dog
by Natty Dread August 07, 2003
Jamaican name for Jamaica
Trodding through jam dung
by Natty Dread August 07, 2003

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