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8 definitions by Naton

One of the most prominant icons of modern day Christianity, the Crocoduck is capable of dispeling all arguements in favour of Atheism and Darwinism simply by not existing. Its sworn enemy is the platypus, which, in harsh contrast, is capable of proving god does not exist by existing.
Kirk Cameron: All throughout the fossil record and life, we don't find one of these; a Crocoduck. There's just nothing like it!
by Naton May 13, 2007
Clinical procedural term given for an emo 'going under the knife', i.e. Self mutilation, wrist slitting etc.
He went for an emoplasti in the bathtub.
by Naton September 20, 2006
What I call bubble wrap, because it's so damn sexy.
I could bubble fap to this bubble wrap all night long. *pop*, *pop*.. *pop* *pop*, *pop*... *pop* *splat*
by Naton May 28, 2008
The most widely accepted spelling of the abbreviation for 'What do you-'.
Whad'ya know?
by Naton June 03, 2009
A fruity burst of judaism.
An evening with ben is like biting into a jewwybean.
by Naton November 07, 2007
A common misspelling of Computer.
1,060,000,000 results for ocmputer on Google. Jesus.
by Naton March 09, 2009
The greatest concept to infultrate the baked goods industry, a desert superior to Cake in almost everyway, with the added mobility, and extra tastyness that comes from being mounted on a stick.
Cakesicle tray: $19.95
Being the coolest kid in school for bringing Cakesicles: Priceless
by Naton April 17, 2007