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3 definitions by Native minority

British slang term. To be mugged by a black man.
Native indigenous British Guy: "I was walking through Brixton the other day when I got blugged."
by Native minority August 23, 2005
The day and the month in the year 2005 when 4 Muslims killed 52 innocent Londoners.
Also see 9/11 The World Trade Center, The Murdered Russian School children in Beslan, The Bali Bombings, The Madrid Train bombings, The London Underground and Bus bombings (7/7), and far too many other examples that would not be possible to cover in this space give that at the time of writing, Isamic terrorists have carried out more than 3,981 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 alone. If you don't like what you hear don't blame me. These are the fact and no amount of Orwellian erasing of definitions will change that.
by Native Minority January 05, 2006
A mobile tent/prison that Islam uses to imprision it's female followers. The original purpose of such clothing is rooted in the need to protect ones face agains sand storms. It has however been indoctrinated into the Quaran and women in Isalmic countries are often severely punished or murdered for failing to wear the hijab in public.
A hijab allows the wearers eyes to be visible and is not to be confused with the burqa, where the entire face and body is covered (often making walking or moving a very hazardous task).
While it could be argued that the hijab does serve two practicle purposes in arid desert countries, to protect against the elements, and also to reduce the woman to an object with no visible individual characteristics and hence remove any sex appeal to members of the opposite sex. This second purpose obviously primarily benifits the husband/father/owner of the hijab wearing woman.
Muslims often wear the hijab when living in other non-derert and non-muslim countries. Unfortuately this can have a very negative effect as far as intergration is concerened because in nearly all non-Muslim cultures and countries, the concealment of the face is regarded as offensive, intimidating and disrespectful.
This stems from the fact that historically, in non-Muslim countries at least, concealment of the face has been left in the domain of criminals, terrorists and other deviants who wish to conceal their identities from mainstream society for fear of retribution.
Muslim woman: "My Muslim husband asked me to please observe Hijab, and I told him that I am totally brainwashed into feeling perfectly comfortable to do so."
by Native minority August 27, 2005