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Disturbed is a parent-approved cock-rock band. When teenage assholes listen to Disturbed, it makes them feel alright about how they don't do anything with their lives and are essentially a drain on society, because the lyrics in Distrubed songs are trite, overused, meaningless, and end up offering more problems than solutions. For this reason, every self-respecting, able-bodied individual should make it their life's work to systematically deconstruct Disturbed's presence in the mainstream media, and to point out the hypocrisy and irrelevance of Disturbed whenever possible (especially when conversing with Distrubed fans.)
People that like Disturbed also typically enjoy the following musical abortions:

Breaking Benjamin
Avenged Sevenfold
The Used
Escape the Fate
"Hey, I've got tickets to the Disturbed concert. Wanna come with me?"

"Geez, I would, but as it turns out, I'm cutting my nose off with a rusty old razor blade that day. Sorry..."
by Nathan090590 August 11, 2009

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