3 definitions by Nathan Von Metalhead

THE best word/made up word in the world. can be the replacement of ANY swear word in the english language.

A Shnazzing Lesson:

Go fuck yourself - go shnazz yourself
Shithead - shnazzhead
God dammit - GOD SHNAZZIT

also can be used as any random interjection without being able to be yelled at for swearing.

"What the shnazz?"
"Oh god, i just stepped in the giant pile of dog shnazz"
by Nathan Von Metalhead January 27, 2006
The hard rock band with the most annoying vocalist ever spawned. I know i'll get lots of thumbs down for this, but i mean, listen to him! UGH! its like having a dentists drill stuck in your ear!
Bobby played "Back In Black" by AC/DC and Jimmy's ears exploded.
by Nathan Von Metalhead March 18, 2006
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