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Coke formerly a beverage term this word now works the same as telling someone to chill out, shut up or calm down.
This use is thus far only common to portions of southern Ilinois and Saint Louis, Missouri. However it is steadily spreading.
Someone is being loud and obnoxious and you want them to stop. Simply say "Coke" in a fitting tone.
by Nathan Voelker & Drew Fitch October 03, 2004
Forerly a diet cola this variation of Coke was modified by midwesterners much like coke and cherry coke to carry non-beverage like connotations. Diet Coke refers to something gay and is used as a tactful way of insult.
That pink and Purple Miata is Diet Coke. Those guys on queer eye are Diet Coke. That blonde spikey haircut of yours is diet coke.
by Nathan Voelker & Drew Fitch October 03, 2004
Also like Coke, this word has been modified by midwesterners to recieve non beverage like connotations.
Cherry Coke refers to an impreding positive situation of any nature and is often followed by a sinister laugh. Used as a response.
person1:Winning the lottery would be sweet.
Person2: Cherry Coke.
by Nathan Voelker & Drew Fitch October 03, 2004
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