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2 definitions by Nathan Stoltz

Is a band with members from Finch, Rx Bandits, Chiodos and Circa Survive. Currently they have 2 CDs out.
-Tiger and the Duke
-Lover, the Lord Has Left Us

Anthony Green from circa survive is one of the singers. Everyone in the band wears Animal masks and go by the name of the animal of the mask they wear. Very weird very tripy very awesome band. Currently on Equal Vision Records.
Guy 1- "Dude what is this fucking music it sounds like animals fighting"

Me - "they are called The SOund of Animals Fighting and they are the best fucking band ever"

Guy 1- "Lets get high and listen to them"

Me - "No, your head will explode from the amount of pure awesome"
by Nathan Stoltz July 18, 2006
avenged sevenfold has 2 meanings

1.A "band" that is to busy putting on makeup and painting their nails black to learn how to write good music. They are so up their own asses they don't see that they are nothing but a shitty metal band for hot topic fags that know nothing about music. They are so hardcore they don't go by their real names. Going by Synyster Gates and The Rev dosn't make you more metal or hardcore it just makes you a bigger fag. Live they talk shit, when all you want them to do is play their shitty songs get off the stage so you can see the next band. They will soon die off and no one will like them and move on to the next shitty band probably Aiden.

2.can be used to replace the word shit when talking about bands
1. Avenged Sevenfold is a shitty band

2. Aiden is such an Avenged sevenfold.
by Nathan Stoltz August 30, 2006