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Johnny-Mint was used for years, origin being Northern New Hampshire area, surrounding towns: Twin Mountain, Whitefield, Littleton, Jefferson, Lancaster and Dalton. The Term coined as a method for keeping adults and employers out of the loop when dealing with confidential information. The actual location of the words first creation was Twin Mountain at Bretton Woods Ski Check station just outside of the lodge. Some of the known alias of the creators are: Snake, Dekan, Nathan Scott Phillips the II, Browce!, Snow Flake and Grommitt(The worthless Low Life).

Johnny-Mint carries secretive conversation between peoples with a strong enough relationship to decrypt the message by means of social familiarity.


Replaces all nouns and verbs in some instances. Johnny would be the Verb Carrier and Mint would be the Noun Carrier. In some instances Johnny and Mint can be used separately.


It can be used to hold adjectives.

Example as Noun/Verb Replacement:

1.) Lets johnny the mint.

2.) I johnnyed all the mints by myself last night.

3.) Did you johnny the mint?

4.) Lets Johnny the Johnny before we get Minted!


1.) I feel so Johnny. (Could be sick or good depending on voice tone)

2.) Johnny Mint! (Something is Great)

3.) Thats Johnny!
by Nathan Scott Philips The II December 11, 2010
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