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Self Harmers have suffered so much they will cut themselves or injure themselves to relieve themselves of emotional pain. Sometimes a self harmer may think "yes, you can hurt me...But so can I..."*cuts arm/headbuts wall...etc*
Sexual abuse, bullying or just mental isolation could cause self harm. Many self harmers are pressured into dressing an calling themselves emo so people will understand what is wrong with them...Which then leads to them being labelled attention seekers and feeling worse. It's a vicious cycle.
Self harm can sometimes go beyond cutting arms. I rub hairspray into them after which hurts like hell.
Sometimes self harmers stop before a certain using a cutting implement e.g razor, kitchen knife (but a craft knife seems to be fine...i should know)
Most self harmers are normal people who have suffered and have not "got over it" even if the event happened years ago. They may act manic depressive or paranoid, and have no trust. They act differently around people who they know, pretending to be happy and bubbly, or just very shy...
Me. I am a self harmer. I am not proud of my battle scars, and I wish you could see how f*cked up you left me. But I don't. You're happy, I'm not. What good would I do do by making you feel guilty and unhappy? I won't show you my blood, since I have no heart to bleed from anymore.
I'm not emo I just hate myself.
by Nathalie Angel October 20, 2007
My Chemical Romance is the best band ever!!!!!!!
It is not emo, but emo's do listen to it.
Because Gerard Way has an obsession with death emo's will listen to it while cutting themselves and crying, because it speaks to their souls (oh crap i'm getting all poetic)

Well, MCR is soooooo NOT emo. Why does anthing with a sad name get laballed emo?
NIN,FOB,Bullet For My Valentine etc...
Loser:OMFG you are soooooo emo cuz you listen to my chemical romance.
Me:No...I am an emo because I dress emo and think emo (and i self harm but not all emo's do this), MCR is just cool.I love Famous Last Words.
Loser: But MCR is all about death
Me:That's because Gerard Way formed it after the 9/11 bombings because everything semed so meaningless after all that death.
Loser:Wotevz... I'm still gonna call it emo
by Nathalie Angel October 20, 2007

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