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The Country Slang phrase for Fart.

- The origin of this phrase is not known. One theory is that of farmers in the deep south harvesting potatoes. Sometimes rotten potatoes (hidden in the ground) will get stepped on (or busted) and produce a very foul smell.

Hence, they busted a tater.
"Josh just Busted a Tater!"
by NateJ August 19, 2005
"Country" city outside of Jacksonville Florida. Small-Town living, with the perks of having a Big-City next door.
Macclenny? Where is that? Check out Macclenny.com !
by natej January 21, 2005
Record-Setting Season Team.. But can't win the Big Game... Not even the 2nd Biggest game for that Matter.
Manning is a Great QB.. But - "It don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that Ring".
by natej January 21, 2005
An NFL Team that plays good during the season, then chokes in the Playoffs. Owned and Operated by the Patriots.
Manning broke Single Season Touchdown Records in 2004 with 49 TD's. But threw Zero against the Pats.. And Lost.
by natej January 21, 2005

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