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a well-known advertisement that doesn't even make sense and was made by foreign assholes in a sad attempt to scam people into sending them gold
Dumbass: Ima send mah old school bling to Cash 4 Gold and make some quick cash, dawg!

D00d: Good luck with that, lulz.
by Nate of Fate March 11, 2009
A stupid, mean or contemptible person. An asshole. The only person that laughs when a commercial about the genocide in Africa comes up.
Dood, in class today Albert thought it was hilarious that the kids in the video we were watching were starving. What a Douchemando.
by Nate of Fate February 19, 2009
A bastardization of "has to be severely punished" and is used when someone has done something unforgivable.
Chode: Damn man, I caught my ho with some other dood that was wearin' a mask in mah bed!

Man that was wearing mask: Fo' real?! Whatcha gonna do now?

Chode: That hobag gotsta get got! I'm gonna Chris Brown that bitch!

by Nate of Fate March 10, 2009
When a man is strapped to a table and a pendulum is slowly and painfully slicing off his testicles while a homeless man shits in his mouth.
Our torture sessions are getting much more exciting, last night I payed a homeless dude to help me give Dave The Sloppy Butcher.
by Nate of Fate February 18, 2009
A person that claims to be tough or hard, but is actually a little bitch.
Ivan thought he could push me around, but he's actually soft shit.
by Nate of Fate February 25, 2009
The imaginary aura of odor around someone when they smell like ass.
God damnit, Randon is carrying the brown fog again! That must be 35 hobo power!
by Nate of Fate February 25, 2009
One of many annoying and/or stupid people.
You know that guy Danny? Yeah, hes such a fagberry.
by Nate of Fate February 11, 2009

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