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when your done fucking a girl you take the condom off after you cum in it then you take the cum filled condom and slap her tittys with it.......
boy: "hey after we fuck can I give you a salty ragdoll"

girl: "sure make it EXTRA salty for me"

boy: "Trust me it will be"(smiles)
by Nate newpower January 07, 2009
when you take the condom after fuckage, Then you flip the condom insideout(with cum showing) and then do the same you would with a regular slingshot but land the glob of cum on her face
hey i just bought my girlfriend the newest texas slingshot with the most power and cream it it...
by Nate newpower January 07, 2009
its when you take a hot diarria on a girls chest then you piss on it then you cum on it then u lick it up.
boy: "hey wanna make a european pizza"
girl: "ok, sounds good"
boy: "oh, it is".
girl: "yes that tastes good"
by Nate newpower September 22, 2008
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