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Having a disagreement and arguing via text messages. Usually occurs when a cowardly guy avoids hearing his girls voice yelling at him over the phone.
Meg: What happen last night?!

Joyce: Jim lied about going out with his friends last night. He wouldnt pick up his phone so we started Text Fighting.
by Nate dg January 08, 2009
The inability to react or get tasks finished because one is involved with a sexual activity with oneself or another. Usually a good reason to explain why you didnt do something.
John: Why didnt you pick up your phone an hour ago?

George: I was sexually distracted by Kelly, dude.

John: Oh, okay. No problem.


Kevin: I was gonna be on time beers, but Amanda kept sexually distracting by doing a nice strip tease and rubbin' my cock up.
by Nate dg January 08, 2009

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