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A command, or request from one to another to get out of ones bussiness, or to stop bothering one.

1. Stop Bothering Me
2. Stay away from me
3. Im busy, leave me alone

Non sexual ^
Nate: Back Up Off my Tip!
Everyone else: Uhhh... eW?
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004
The son of all that is cool.
Represents awesomeness.
The ability to be awesome.
The lisence to be cool.

Spells Repoonklit backwards

Hilknooper is to Tilknooper
God is to Jesus
Nate: Thats it, Im giving you a Tilknooper suspenstion of 5 days!
Luke: Awww, come on you can't do that!
Nate: Don't make me make it 6! >_<
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004

Doubled Over In Laughter

An alternative to LOL

Originating from the computer of Nate Sexton.
As LOL sux, DOIL is awesome!
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004
Represents being cool.
Can be used as a verb as in something being Tug Boat (cool) or as a noun being the oneness of cool or awesome.
Nate: Man I saw you from all the way overthere! You ain't even Tug Boat!
Mike: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004
Exclatory; Can be used several different ways.

1. Exclamatory; Wow
2. Greeting; Hey, Hello, Yo
4. Fairwell; See ya, Buh Bye
5. Randomness; Toaster, Folding chair

Any twaH where the H is not capatalized and all other letters are lowercase is not of the same defiition, nor is it really a word.

An official word of DDRNWI
Nate stubed his toe: twaH!

Hey trenT, twaH!

d00d, DDRNWI, twaH!
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004
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