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the sexual act of giving a handjob with the circle of a bagel while thrusting potato chips into the giver of the handjob's anus/vagina while both participants are dressed like a creepy uncle or a camp counselor
Bob was very surprised by his dates enthusiasm as she gave him an uncle bagel crisp
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011
1. a penis with one testicle greatly smaller than the other

2. the sexual act of driving down a bumpy road with the man strapped tightly to the seat while the woman rides atop the mans cock; requiring much less effort than conventional sex due to the unpaved/ bumpy road
Jim and Susy were feeling lazy so they just wanted to hobblecock
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011
the killing of oneself with the use of testicles. Possibly strangling to death or being beat to death with the scrotum or testicles
Pablo was awed when he found the neck of a dead prostitute rapped around his scrotum this morning "testicular suicide"
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011
The sexual act of snapping into several vagina's as fast as possible while laying atop a truck or bus. Can also often be interpreted as a contest
Jerry almost won his snapper wagon but he was forced to stop when he fell onto the freeway
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011
a guy or a penis
named because dicks look like triangles
go suck a triangle
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011
A female or hole of a female because they have 3 circles (ie holes) they are therefore themselves circles
Hey, look at that circle ;)
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011

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