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To stop doing something before you even start.
"Did you get the book report done that is due on friday?"
"Oh, I prequit reading that book last week."

"You haven't Cleaned the house at all."
"I prequit cleaning the house so I had enough energy to watch TV."
by Nate the skate November 19, 2009
When a massive amount of pine tree are dying due neglect or to pine beetle.
Rocky mountain national park looks like a pinedemic hit it.

Your back yard looks like a pinedemic hit.
by Nate the Skate September 16, 2009
Someone whos primary source of food is junk food. This person can eat regular food in a crisis, but prefers junk food.
In the wild snackavores rarely live past 22.

Why are there no chips in the house, I live with a snackavore.
by Nate the skate October 13, 2009

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