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Pornedout is the act of watching too much porn and then becoming disinterested for several days until once again, the fever returns.
Lisa: Last night I went for a clip and realized I was pornedout. I'm just not feeling it. I will try again in a few days.
by Natasha Love September 11, 2013
Publicfuckaroundary is getting to second base in a parking lot.
Sheila: Yeah, after the date ended he walked me to my car and we had some mad publicfuckaroundary. It was super hot.
by Natasha Love September 09, 2013
The act of removing a persons contact information from your mobile device after it ends. You get caught in a digital delete when said person texts you after the deletion and you respond with “who is this” and they know that you deleted them.
Amy: Yeah he's a douche. He totally stood me up last night and never called.
Sylvia: Digital Delete.
by Natasha Love October 06, 2013
The act of searching for an available man online on various dating sites. Success rate varies between 10 and 45%. Careful analysis is required.
Lucy: That date I had last night was an epic fail.

Kristie: Well, you know what that means... Time for another electronicmanhunt.
by Natasha Love September 12, 2013
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