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okay, yeh, scene kids, we say we aren't scene then we come across urban dictionary, find out we're classed as "scene" to you really mean people. we wear what we want, go to what shows we want, do what we want and kiss guys and girls, we're bi, get over it, yeh?
we wear black skinnies, chucks, black hair with one or more random colours in it, mine has blonde bits by accident but i love them.
We buy Hot Topic stuff because we like it. we listen to Panic! at the disco, if you haven't heard of them then shame on you!
we say random stuff like kiddos, nigga, cunt, hella, you knw you're jealous because you can't get away with saying them :]
we all have a myspace because its how we meet other kiddos of our type.
you know you love us, you know you want to be like us.
oh yeh and to be scene you have to be seen around your town/city and people on myspace will be able to say they see you all the time but never say hi!
XXXXstabby rip stab stabXXXXXX: holla, i've seen ya round, you're the scene kid we see in the park
X&X&X&X&X&: kiddo, ilu, but im not scene so don't say i am
XXXXstabby rip stab stabXXXXXX: yeh u r, go read urban dictionary and look up scene
X&X&X&X&X&: i g2g cut myself, and then go to a show and sit in the corner. <3. ilu. don't call me scene
by Natasha Gage a.k.a Tashlee Simpson February 04, 2006
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