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A dance where you bend both arms facing the floor in a right angle and take numerous side steps to the left and right, imitating a crab.
Natasha's favourite song came on in Maxwells, The Crab dance just had to be done.
by Natasha December 01, 2003
A very masculine woman, who will come on to every lady in sight.

The name derives from the film 'Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid.
God Nicola keeps coming onto me, she is such a Butch Cassidy.
by Natasha November 26, 2003
A loser and scapegoat who is always the target of being made fun of in large groups.
Butters, get a life.
by Natasha August 12, 2003
crunk juice on Little Jhons Album
Little Johns CD cover says Crunk Juice
by Natasha January 10, 2005
The lead guitarist in a band.
Turtle gets all the chicks.
by Natasha October 29, 2003
Verb: The act of sticking one's --preferably large-- ass in the face of another.
I was totally shatnered this morning when the woman in front of me bent over to pick up her wallet.
by Natasha July 16, 2003
Sucking someones dick. (IE: smurfinsmurfette ... Smurfette was a whore, sucking can be turned into smurfin)
That bitch is a real smurfin smurfete.
by Natasha February 02, 2005

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