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1. The act of flipping someone the Bird. 2. The Act of giving someone the middle finger.
I floated a darski at this guy this morning when he cut me off.

Don't point that darski at me!
by Natasha July 16, 2003
One who can take a long-term view of things, but doesn't wait for anything, and thus will leverage all his bets accordingly.....
fill his plate so to speak...etc..
he can build a factory, knowing that the ROI may not come for many years, but will not accept excess losses, and lost time, but instead run effectively and efficiently
he is usually indiff. to quarterly profit reports....etc....
Asking to describe a rishist in one sentence is like asking someone to define a supreme being in one sentence.

by Natasha October 05, 2005
a word used to describe some thing very complicated or hard to under stand.
that homework was very vedefrentemdank.
that book is very vedefrentemdank.
that cat looks very vedefrentemdank
by Natasha January 09, 2005
see: great or awesome
"i love your outfit!" response: "Yeah, its pretty tainty".
by Natasha May 02, 2003
Often mis-thought to be a neo-hippie; this is only partially true. A Crunchie / Crunchy (either spelling is ok) Is actually 3/4 preppy, 1/4 hippie. They do enjoy smoking the reefer, but it doesn't have to be excessive. Rainbow sandals/ barefeet are common. Lacoste shirts, polo, etc. Don't seem to care but look great anyway.
"That guy in the light pink polo shirt with long hair smoking a dubey is such a crunchie."
by Natasha October 07, 2004
Austrian gay journalist portrayed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (see Ali G, Borat). Hosts a fashion show and travels to such glamorous places as Arkansas and Alabama, cheerleading in American football games and making fun of fashion designers, hairstylists, et al. Appears on "Da Ali G Show".
Bruno recently visited a gun show in Arkansas where he asked why shooting is so popular among gay men.
by Natasha August 21, 2004
An odd little guy with a tiki mask from the JerkCity comics. He is a lot like Pants, but not quite as obsessed with dick-sucking. Funny as hell, though.

by Natasha January 17, 2004

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