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38 definitions by Natasha

To be bisexual, to swing both ways
Nicola was after Joanne and Anthony, she defo drinks from both taps.
by Natasha November 29, 2003
A slice of ham that walks and rides horses.
"Riding lessons by Humbers! The best in town!"
by Natasha March 17, 2005
grossed out glod
go home glod
by natasha November 14, 2003
Austrian gay journalist portrayed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (see Ali G, Borat). Hosts a fashion show and travels to such glamorous places as Arkansas and Alabama, cheerleading in American football games and making fun of fashion designers, hairstylists, et al. Appears on "Da Ali G Show".
Bruno recently visited a gun show in Arkansas where he asked why shooting is so popular among gay men.
by Natasha August 21, 2004
The ordering of fast food on a Saturday night after last orders.
Hey pal can give me a sheeze burger with ships.
by Natasha November 16, 2003
1. Nobel prize winning kitty. 2. Face of God. 3. Brilliant little bear.
Oh Siskey!

How do you spell Siskey? Siskey!
by Natasha July 16, 2003
when you shit into a condom and use it as a dildo
using a shildo in your ass is REALLY taking a dump.
by Natasha March 16, 2005