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Short for the most tremendous medication ever created - OXYCONTIN! All one must do is remove the outer coating, crush into a fine powder, and then rail it in your nostrils!
Rump took hundreds of milligrams of oxy every day up his nostrils, and sat on the couch for a year and watched movies.
by Natan Buey January 30, 2004
An absolute maximum state of destruction due to an abuse of alcohol and/or various other narcotics.
Tony did 6 tabs, 7 pills of x, 1 gallon of Jack, and a quarter oz of hydros and was uttered for 3 days!
by Natan Buey January 30, 2004
Legendary person who consumes mass quanities of drugs and alcohol, getting uttered every day and demanding destruction of everyone around him, until everyone in the crew is fucking utterly destroyed to the point of no fucking return with no person ever being able to come close, compete with, or achieve the level of destruction defined by the great Rump.
Rump started his day with a tremendous 8 ball up his left nostril and 80 mg of oxy up the right. He then proceeded to get {uttered} with a gallon of Jack. Rump then crushed up 3 addy pills and held deuce by the neck and demanded that he rail it all.
by Natan Buey January 30, 2004
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