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an old colonial town that previously housed some of colonial America's wealthiest white men. Today, Morristown is a diverse urban suburban town where the increasing Latino population has taken over central Speedwell Ave. As a result, white people are moving away or further out into the woods of Morristown, Black people are getting mad, and Latinos that have been here for years are getting bougie.
Morristown boasts an eclectic array of overpriced restaurants and bars, most of which named after animals (Dark Horse, Funky Monkey, the Grasshopper, the Famished Frog, etc.). Morristown also has some of the nicest housing projects this side of the Mississippi. Who knew the suburbs could be this hood?
A: "Where you from?"
B: "Morristown"
A: "Oh, you must be rich"
by Natalie Vargas December 27, 2005

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