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Oprah's long lost sister that has a god like complex and hosts the ever popular reality show "America's Next Top Model." At times she remains sophisticated but if you watch her closely she will expose her ghettoness and start talking about her badonkadonk.
Tyra Banks: Now the picture will reveal who will become (suspenseful pause that causes models to pee in their pants) AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL
by Natalie K December 04, 2005
A respectable resteraunt chain usually located in a parking lot of a shitty mall
where space cadet waiters serve unlimited breadsticks and salad and suburbanites rejoice at chicken parmasean entres.WOOH! "we are goin to olive garden! Get in the mini van!"
Sarah: Yall want to go to olive garden? (time passes)
Natalie: Where's the bread?
Cori: I hope they don't put the cheese on the salad in fron of me
Sarah: I want my fuckin refill of diet coke!
Waiter: Would you like some parmasean cheese with that?
Cori: They better have andes mints. That's the reason you come here, well the breadsticks too!
by Natalie K December 04, 2005

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