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a place surronded by a bunch of unattractive, old, dirty people.
dude i went downtown when the shoes were by two get 1 pair free and it was this years crustamanium
by natalie July 15, 2003
its means something wonderful involving a man
The Matrix was one mantabulistic movie! ex.2 All of us are into Incubus's mantabulistic sond!
by natalie July 15, 2003
the female equivalent of chub. A female that is partially aroused or kind of wet, has a vubb.
Babe, you give me so much vub.
by natalie March 06, 2005
Comes from the frandomsky heritage. This word is used for a very stupid person.
Kate D. is a yillan. So is my dog. And my shirt.
by Natalie June 28, 2004
Pricey can mean expensive as in describing the price of something.
It can also mean "good", or "fit" if you are describing someone.
1. That jacket's £50. It's well pricey!
2. Omg that boy is so pricey!
by Natalie June 16, 2004
Means the same as "that was really weak". (A low blow)
That was kleezy of you to stand me up like that.
by Natalie April 14, 2004
to be used like the saying "darn it" when you forget something, or you are frustrated
Tarder monkeys! I forgot my homework.
by Natalie March 07, 2004

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