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A very groovy vintage store in Hollywood, CA.
Person #1- Whoa man, where'd you get that rad sweater?
Person #2- I got it at Aardvarks on Melrose!
by Natalie March 27, 2005
a dumbbutt who can't sing, act, or well, yeah she can look like crap....lol
ona my buddy buds broz saw her and he said shez a beeeeaatch and a bigass!
**shez just plain fat and ugly
by natalie October 10, 2003
a woman with a very large breastages or a man with a very long submarine
Wow she is really stupid!!!
He is the stupidest person I've ever seen...this should be fun.
by Natalie April 15, 2005
female, a girl, a bitch, ummm...damn...a gurl!
madd love to mah fifiz in dat m.i.a! !
by NATALIE July 16, 2004
Coined by a couple of teenage girls from California, Shadowboxing is basically a much nicer word for dry humping.
Giggly Teenage Girl #1: So, did you guys have sex?
Giggly Teenage Girl #2: No, but we shadowboxed.
Giggly Teenage Girl #1: Bet that was fun.
Giggly Teenage Girl #2: It totally was. I accidently called him Jude, though.
by Natalie December 29, 2004
Givin' sexpot gestures to that fine ass mo fo in the pimpin fits.
She worried that she would be considered a flirt.
by Natalie December 20, 1999
being cool, good, etc. if something is "scene", it is to be assumed that the thing in question is considered a good thing by the person in question. the phrase "to scene for you!" also comes into play, as a way of saying you're cooler than someone else.
"This band is so scene...they're hot sex!"
by natalie January 19, 2004
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