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adj. needing or craving pizza

Today i was soo Eimear!
by Natalie April 03, 2003
"rollercoaster girl" An RCG is basically an easy girl.
Why is Bob dating that RCG? She really gets around.
by Natalie March 03, 2005
sorely missed cheeky-chappy hollyoaks character.
"jambo should never have left hollyoaks. 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps is wank."
by natalie May 24, 2004
making your collar stand straight up...otherwise known as popping your collar.
John: Hey, im gonna fly, k?
Lisa: No, that was so last year, you need to land before anyone sees you.
by Natalie February 03, 2005
"Root Down" can mean to get on with something or to knuckle down, it is usually used when describing.
1. (Teacher to Student) Casey, root down with your work please.
by Natalie June 16, 2004
it can also be a dude,popular among girl sufers and high school chicks
That guy is a total DILF!
by natalie July 16, 2003
a name given to anyone when trying to flee from a scene, not black , gansta orgin, more white, suburbia orgin, somthing to call your friends
See yah later Sucka!!! Whats up Sucka??
by natalie July 15, 2003

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