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108 definitions by Natalie

This is a person who is always on their own. They prefer their own company and do not make friends easily. They often find solace in books or the internet. They are alone
Why is she always on her own?, she's such a loner
by Natalie August 09, 2004
Best fucking singer/screamer/yeller in the fucking universe... I swear!
How good is Maynard in that Tool song?
by Natalie December 09, 2003
someone who acts like your friend, pretends they care about you then purposely continues to carry out actions that they know hurt you
continuing to sleep with someone you're in love with then calling you one of their 'best friends'
by Natalie September 08, 2004
Another name for marijuana. Like weed
"Bun da reefa!"
by Natalie June 06, 2003
A bald headed hispanic.
Aye pelon..
by Natalie April 14, 2004
a great guy who is so easy to open up to. The first guy i ever cried over. He has a beautiful smile and a sweet fro.
Robbie is over there you should go talk to him.
by natalie June 17, 2005
The Sims 2 is the sequel to the sims. It's a computer game with little people who you control and can either make them happy or depressed.
Girl: I am so bored, i want a fun pc game
Boy: Try Sims 2 - it rocks
by Natalie September 28, 2004