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Word used to describe your best friend, fated soul mate, and object of sexual obsession. Usually your feelings about your Collar seem secret and personal, but in reality, are painfully obvious to those around you. A poet, lover, and badass warrior king, your Collar will explosively redefine your fundamental concepts of happiness and fulfillment. He can turn your skin to mercury through the tunes he effortlessly muses at your kitchen table as he lingers over coffee with his guitar, and he can usually school the shit out of you in air hockey. Loving, devoted, and balls out hilarious, your Collar is guilelessly adored everywhere he goes, but will always feel like your own personal rock star.
Girl 1: Christ, you cannot stop talking about Matt. He is so obviously your Collar, everyone knows.

Girl 2: Aw fuck!
by NastyCanasta February 03, 2010

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