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Nuk·ka ('na-ka')noun -
1. The white man's version of nigger, when it is used in a friendly way. Some white men have attempted its use on the black man with mixed results.

2. A drunk man attempting to say nigger. (Bi-racial)
1. What's up nukka?

2. Yoooo gad damned nukka...
by Nasty-Nate February 28, 2008
Cock fun·nel·er ('kak fe-nel-ler')noun - Similar to a cock blocker. One who habitually tries to disrupt relations between other indidivduals in order to further their own game with one of those involved. Generally refers to females but this is not a requirement.
-Molly was really being a cock blocker last night, she fucked my game up with four girls!
-Yeah dude, same here! She just wants all the dick for herself.
-What a cock funneler...
by Nasty-Nate March 16, 2008
Ur·ban No·vel (ur-buhn nov-uhl)noun - When someone uses urbandictionary to further their own agenda. Usually this entails writting multiple paragraph "definitions" that actually pertain to the authors life and their "turmoils". Most are boring and included little information except insight as to how bored, lonely, and/or ignorant the author truly is.
-Dude did you read that urbandictionary 'article' on soccer moms?
-Yeah what a bitch. Why doesn't she just write that down on a garbage bag so she could be efficient and take it where it belongs...
-Does she want a fucking Pulitzer for her urban novel or what?!
by Nasty-Nate March 18, 2008

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