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Your fucking a chic in the ass then you pull out and go for the tity fuck, leaving a brown skid down her chest.
by Nasty Pete August 15, 2003
Fucking a chic in the ass till she bleeds (cause blood is a lubricant) Then you go for the tity fuck which in turn leaves a red mark on her chest.
by Nasty Pete August 15, 2003
A vagina that contains every known S.T.D or S.T.I
Guy : " Hey, who is that ?"
Other Guy : " That stank ho? You don't wanna mess with her; personally, I wouldn't touch her with a nine and a half inch pole."
Guy : " Why?"
Other Guy : " Dude, she's got Pandora's Box."
Guy : "Oh sick! Someone get hazmat."
by nasty pete March 04, 2013
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