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An idiot with a big mouth and lousy manners.
we ignored nasty mcdirty because he was being a dick
by Nasty Mcdirty August 10, 2006
The biggest mistake that two people ever made.The biggest embarrassment any parent could have.Also a woman's area of pubic hair...not to be confused by lack of intelligence.
george dubya bush was the first in times that a president led our nation into poverty.His parents still cry about the broken condom.
by Nasty Mcdirty August 10, 2006
This is really for lonely guys who can't get layed by anyone else but fat chicks.WILF Whale I'd Like to Fuck
Hey sexy (although she sweats in canada in january),I think you're a WILF and you should come back to my place.(tow truck optional).Explain wilf as another definition,then throw a twinkie and make her run while thinking of the "jello" song.
by Nasty Mcdirty May 04, 2006
Basically put,a Man bITCH.Annoying to both man and woman yet tolerated because it lowers the whining time.A mitch needs to be backhanded,but because your sister is more manly,you let her beat the fuck out of him (her?)
Vince is such a whiney mitch but because he has a pool we can pretend that he has tits and acts like a bitch.
by Nasty Mcdirty May 05, 2006
While "nigger" or "niggar" for the niggers,is meant not as a root word,but as a comparison,some people find this word racist.It means to be cheap and/or steal what you can't afford and blame others who actually work for a living to be the cause of your woes.
Robin had 20 bucks,but she stole the shirt niggardly to prove she could.
by Nasty Mcdirty August 10, 2006

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