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The greatest DJ to ever grace Earth.
DJ Tiesto mixes only the best!
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
Probably the greatest singer/songwriter/music artist to ever be born.
Sarah McLachlan's voice is that of an angel!
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
A small town located in Southern California. Population of 11,000, 95% Mexican, 4% White Rich Cowboys, 1% Other. You can find many paisas roaming the streets in their riced out cars. Probably one of the most boring cities in the nation.
"Dude, I'm heading over to King City to hit a party!"
"King City sucks!"
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
What the owner of a 2002-2004 Honda Civic Si refers his/her car as.
I just smoked some Ford Pony in my '04 EP3!
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
Awesome electronic artist.
Delerium's CD "Chimera" = teh kewl!
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
A Mexican homosexual from King City who loves the cock. Is currently residing in Long Beach, CA.
"You know who'd love to wear a purple dress? Tubba!"
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
A caucasian/white boy who acts/speaks/dresses like a mexican thug. Will wear huge, baggy jeans, puffy red/black/blue jackets, and uses spanglish to sound hard.
"Trip out on that whitexican Brian driving around in his 64 Impala all flamed out in Ecko red clothing."
by Nasty Massey April 19, 2004
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