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a girl with a skinny waist and a big-ol' booty!
by Nasty Nate June 10, 2003
The guy who bites the bullet and drives to the party. The drunk driver has the critical role of getting his buddies home, or to donuts, or to more beer. It's usually customary to by the DD a beer for his efforts.
You can't take my keys, I'm the DD.
by Nasty Nate December 16, 2005
a combination word between "kickin it" and "chillin"
later on Im going to be killin'at my crib.
by Nasty nate January 28, 2005
You wanna know what drama is? > ERYN E.
"Am I a drama queen?"
by nasty nate February 25, 2005
Its when you are having sex with some girl and you stick one (or many) of your fingers in the girls butt getting a little bit of poo residue on your fingers. You then put your fingers in the girls mouth resulting in her tasting her own poo. This then gives you the mental edge over the girl for the entire relationship because you know that she has already eaten her own poo.
I once gained "the edge" and now she doesn't want to talk to me.
by nasty nate April 24, 2005

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