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Egyptian Brown Mist has a few steps....

1.) Spend 2 whole days eating nothing but pure fiber and laxatives.

2.) Hold your shit in

3.) After the two days of making your shit into a pure liquid state, offer to have sex with your partner

4.) Then while having sex doggystyle tell your partner you are going to cum.

5.) Before she can turn around, you bend over and spread your cheeks.

6.) As soon as her head rears around you unload all of the shit you have been storing up for the past few days in one massive liquid blast all over her face.
Man last night I gave Bernice the 'ol Egyptian Brown Mist and I had to burn the sheets because they were covered in puddles of shit!
by Nastiestpoopweinerurinaldeuce January 26, 2009
The Great Northern Toaster has a serious of basic steps to follow.

1.) Shit in sexual partners mouth

2.) Proceed to have sex with the person while they still hold the shit in there mouth

3.) When the male partner ejacuates on the womens face she spits the shit out then and only then
Man last night me and Eileen tried the Great Northern Toaster, and I felt bad because she had to hold that mouthful of shit for 2 hours before i busted a nut!
by Nastiestpoopweinerurinaldeuce January 24, 2009
The art of taking a massive dump that stands straight up out of the water much like a sundial standing straight out of the sand
O dude i took a huge as shit yesterday and you won't believe it.....IT WAS A SUNDIAL!
by Nastiestpoopweinerurinaldeuce January 26, 2009

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