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Chindo- abbrievated term that defines a person whose enthicity is Chinese Indonesian. It's pretty much slang.

Having one of their ancestors from China live in Indonesia (marrying indigenous people or not).

In Indonesia, despite having no language barriers whatsoever call these people Chinese. For the Chinese people who have only recently arrived in Indonesia (having the ability to still keep the Chinese language)they are usually called 'toktok China' (pronounced chee-nah). Chindo poeple usually have a couple to a few generations of living in Indonesia.

There is a lot of discrimination against the Chinese in Indonesia mainly because the amount of success Chindo people have seems to recieve there. Chindo people living in Indonesia are suaully upper class citizens.

Chindo people aren't hard to pick out - they basically are a lot lighter than indigenous Indonesians.

There are quite a lot of Chindo people who have escaped the discrimination and racism in Indonesia. The majority starting to live in Australia. There are a lot of young Chindo in Australia- really light asians with dark brown wavy/curly hair and pink cheeks are common characteristics and usually a dead give away.
"Hey, you half-half or what? You look like a pale korean or a weird japanese person... I can't pick it out..."

"Really? I'm Chinese-"


"Chinese Indonesian, I mean!

"Oooh! You're Chindo, eh?! I thought you looked weird!"

"Um, thanks."
by Nasi July 14, 2004
Really nice city in Victoria, Australia.

Better crime rates than Sydney(main reason why Sydney was rated lower in the most livable cities thing), much more fashionable and artsy too. They have great theatre in Melbourne.

From what I've seen Melbourne is a really great place to live in, very cool. Great market place...

Melbourne used to be considered as the most glitzy city in Australia but now more attention is puts toward Sydney.

You'd have to best city in the world if Sydney and Melbourne were combined (leaving each of the ugly attributes out)

Melbournians have every right to be proud of their city, but they should stoop to Sydneysiders level. I think too many Sydneysiders suffer from acute tall poppy syndrome. (I'm not one of them)

Melbourne- always up to the tradition of the Sydney Vs Melbourune rivalry.

-underrated city that should gets as much attention as Sydney is getting.

-should do something about the scary tram system. (and the non existant tram station things)
"OMG... I'm going to Melbourne again -yay!"

"You're obsessed... "

"Melbourne is a hundred times better than Sydney..."


"It is! Sydney people are so up themselves - they think they're better than everyone else..."

"You live in Sydney, you know."

"I know... "

"Stop complaining then, move!"

"No! I still want to live here!"

"Pff! you're pathetic."
by Nasi July 14, 2004

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