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Lightweight: (Adj), A term that can be used in many ways, indicating that someone/something either fails to do something, or someone/somthing doesn't reach your acceptance; When something is not heavy; When someone gets drunk very easily. (see examples)
Roger: Dude, did you hook up with that chick last night?
Chico: No bro, fuck her.
Roger: Lightweight.

Petay: Shit bro i failed the math final!

Mark: Finish your beer you lightweight.

Clayton: Are you going to football camp?
Ray: Nahh that shits way to lightweight.

Ronnie : These dumbbells are super lightweight.

Jake: Amanda got drunk off that Henny way to easily.
Matt: Dude, she is so lightweight.
Jake: Werd.
by Naseknows June 30, 2009
Confused Condom; When you have sex with a chick and you don't know where to put the condom after.
Rick: Did you fuck Jane last night?
Pay: Yeah Bro.
Rick: Confused Condom?
Pat: No, right down the toilet.
Rick: Werd.

Dan: Dude I put the condom in Ms. Greco's front lawn under a leaf.
Ben: Good shit, you deff. almost went through a confused condom.
by Naseknows December 13, 2009

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