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One of the best (J)Rock bands ever. Formed during their college days in 1996 by Masafumi Gotou, Kensuke Kita, and Takahiro Yamada. Ichiji Kiyoshi joined them a bit later.

They play high octane guitar rock with emo and powerpunk influences. Their strong edgy melodies, adrenaline-drenched guitar and bass, fast-paced drumming, perfectly syncronized with Gotou's amazing vocal talents had gained them numerous amounts of fans and awards(even for music videos, lol). Although it took a couple of years to achieve the popularity that they have gained, Ajikan albums are topping charts, hundreds and thousands of copies of their records have been sold and they are filling magazine racks and displays of music shops all over Japan.

Also, their singles "Rewrite" and "Haruka Kanata," used respectively as the themes to anime series Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto, have managed to snag Asian Kung-Fu Generation a much deserved international fan base.

Refered to as Ajikan by most fans. You should as well.

Stolen and edited from various forums and fansites.
Fangirl A: Dude, asian kung-fu generation is frickin awesome!

Fangirl B: Yeah man, Gotou's hair is smexy <3

Fangirl A:...Wtf?
by Narzhul August 25, 2006
A term female celebrities will often use as an excuse to turn into a total slut/whore/courtesan/prostitute/harlot. They usually start their careers at a young age, with a fake innocent image. When they are close to their twenties, new, unneccessarily slutty and horrendous songs and music videos will be produced. More often than not, they will be hated by the world, contrary to their beliefs that they will sell even more. What a bunch of whores.

Another excuse from them would be things such as, "im just showing my true self, the innocent me is just a fake image"
In other words, they are nothing but a pure bred prostitute.
1)Britney Spears: So like, what do you think of my new video. Like, is it gooood?
Random man: You, my good woman, are an atrocious slut.
Britney Spears: omgwtfhaxx, im just growing up!

2)Christina Aguilera: Im like, soooo going to come up with a slutty and annoying song/video, just because im growing up
Random Man: Dude, what about your vocal talents(*whisper*if you even have any*whisper*)
Christina Aguilera: Dude, screw that, im actually a whore.
*sometime after her sales go down*
Christina Aguilera: Noooo, i aint no whore, im just experimenting with my image, see, look at my new music video.
by Narzhul October 20, 2006

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