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1. (v) To remove the husk from an ear of corn
2. (v) Any of several physical acts involving tumescent male genitalia, typically in the Old South
3. (n) Corn husk
Viola asked her man, "Who's been schuckin' my corn?".
by Narmour & Smith July 26, 2005
The acronym for yet another profitable insurance company which means, Call In, Get No Answer.
I spent all day calling Grassley, but I was totally CIGNAed
by Narmour & Smith August 22, 2009
A rite of passage involving a keg of beer, followed by days of paralyzing headaches and dehydration.
Joe: How was your vomitzvah?
Harry: Dude, it was an act of total self-mutilization!
by Narmour & Smith July 21, 2010

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