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Used in place of ATM or Ass to Mouth for anal sex followed by oral. In other words, "brown and serve".
"you ready for a little Jimmy Dean action?"
"what's that"
"brown and serve baby, brown and serve"
by Narfle T. Garthok February 22, 2009
One who lives for the juice of the cock. The partner of Pole Monkey.

Alt. One who is willing to do just about anything to get what they want. Usually involving something nasty.
She's a total chum monkey, goes wild for the juice of the pole.
by Narfle T. Garthok February 20, 2009
1) Also known as ass wink or A Brown Pucker. When a chick flexes her anus in the 69 position this is a "Stink Wink"
2) Farting as a response or greeting.
1) Meghan thinking (he's doing such a good job down there I think I'll give him a stink wink)
2) (Foul Stench noticed as John leaves the room, Dude what the hell was that?!?) It's a stink wink, you heard me right!
by Narfle T. Garthok September 18, 2009

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