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The public display of an epic set of male genitalia.
Have you seen that scene from Terminator when Schwarzenegger steps through the time portal naked? That dude hangs dong!
by Nards Aplenty December 29, 2011
A phrase now most commonly used by white people in an attempt to sound ghetto.
Chaz: "Cheerio Pip! Tis' a fine morning dear chap!"
Pip: "Nigga please."
Chaz: "You are so white."
Pip: "I think that black dude across the street heard me, run for your life!"
by Nards Aplenty December 29, 2011
The act of being brutally tortured and raped in the butt with sticks before being shot fatally in the head. Although traditionally used to describe events associated with deposed North African dictators, the exspression now has broader meaning and application, including use as a future tense threat.
Example 1: Dude, did you here what happened to that cannibal serial killer in prison? They totally Khadafied him in the shower.

Example 2: If you ever touch my bitch again, I'm going to Khadafi you, real hard.
by Nards Aplenty January 01, 2012

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